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One Tree Hill (TV series 2003-2012)

Ravens (USA: working title)

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2003 September, 23
60 minutes
Drama / Romance / Sport


When on TV?

7 May, 11:20 TFX
7 May, 12:15 TFX
7 May, 13:10 TFX
7 May, 14:05 TFX

This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, the Ravens, since living memory coached by old Whitey Durham. Its greatest talent ever was Dan Scott, who now runs a successful car dealership. The present talents are his two sons, Nathan Scott, a beautiful and popular athlete, the absolute star, who was molded and stifled by his proud dad, ambitious Dan Scott, who pushes him harder then even the coach approves of, but rather neglected by his spoiled, impulsive mother Deb, an alcoholic, and Lucas, abandoned at birth with his devoted mother, hard-working café-owner Karen Roe, who grew up with Dan's older but poor brother Keith as substitute father as a social reject, only playing hoops on a public yard in the park with street-kids, his passion being reading; when an incident forces the coach to replace suspended players, Lucas soon proves the revelation, and after a while gets accepted and develops a dynamic, in the long run good relationship with his brother, who turns on his dad. Of course the teenage boys have friends, and especially a confusing series of usually short-loved 'eternal' love affairs with musical talents Peyton and Haley, also a tutor, and irresistible man-eater Brooke... - IMDb

Filoi gia panta (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Les frères Scott (French title) Canada
Les frères Scott France
Lances da Vida Brazil
Pogoda na milosc Poland
Ravens (working title) USA
Ruleta destinului Romania
Tree Hill Croatia
Tri Hil Serbia
Tunteet pelissä (DVD box title) Finland
Tuti gimi Hungary
Самотно дърво на хълма (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Холм одного дерева Russia

Children's Cast:

Zachary Dylan Smith [12] Young Dan (TV Episode: Just Watch the Fireworks) (2006)
Victoria Jones [14] Cheerleader #3 (TV Episode: Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades) (2005)
Cooper Musgrove [10] Tommy (TV Episode: Brave New World) (2006)
Allison Scagliotti [16] Abby Brown (TV Episode: With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept) (2006)
Michael May [9] Chuck / Chuck Scolnik (TV Episode: One Tree Hill) (2008)
Nicholas Stargel [9] Kid (TV Episode: I Would for You) (2009)
Jacob Latimore [13] Kid #1 (TV Episode: Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun) (2009)
Jonathan Furr Dunlap Brother #1 (TV Episode: Just Watch the Fireworks) (2006)
Jake Johnson [7] Randy (TV Episode: All These Things That I've Done) (2006)
Patrick Stogner [14] Young Keith (TV Episode: Just Watch the Fireworks) (2006)
Ethan Jamieson Kid #2 (TV Episode: Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun) (2009)
Pierce Gagnon Logan (TV Episode: One Tree Hill) (2012)
Jackson Brundage [7] Jamie Scott (TV Episode: One Tree Hill) (2008)
Addison Black Kid / Kid on playground (TV Episode: Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace) (2008)
Natalie Alyn Lind Alicia (TV Episode: All These Things That I've Done) (2006)
Mia Clarke Young Abby Brown (TV Episode: The Runaway Found) (2007)
Caitlyn Brarens Girl 3 (TV Episode: Not Afraid) (2010)
Tara-Nicole Azarian Spelling Bee Student (TV Episode: Darkness on the Edge of Town) (2010)

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