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Ana y los 7 (TV series 2002-2005)

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2002 March, 18
70 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Family / Music
Production Company:

"Ana y los 7" narrates the life and the illusions of Ana, a showgirl who is employed at a club by night, who dreams of being employed at the world of the showbussiness, and of turning into a star of the cinematographic universe. Ana spent her infancy in an orphanage, she did not know a family and her more intimate longing is to form her own. For a chance, she comes to Fernando Hidalgo's house, a banker with seven children: Carolina, Nando, Amalia, Celia, Guille, Ale and Lucía. Ana remains with the work, in spite of being employed furtively at the club by night. - IMDb

Ana y los 7 Spain
Ana y los siete (alternative spelling) Spain

Children's Cast:

Nadia de Santiago [14] Andrea (TV Episode: Una pregunta sin respuesta) (2004)
Noelia Ortega [12] Amalia Hidalgo (TV Episode: La esperada boda II) (2002)
David Castillo [12] (TV Episode: Las piezas empiezan a moverse) (2004)
Miriam Giovanelli [13] (TV Episode: Impósibol) (2002)
Daniel Retuerta [14] (TV Episode: Medias verdades) (2003)
Andreas Muñoz [15] (TV Episode: Rebelión a bordo) (2005)