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North and South (mini)

North & South: Book 1, North & South (World-wide)
North and South Book I (USA: DVD title)
North and South, Book I (USA)

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1985 November, 3
561 minutes
Drama / History / Romance / War


1842, a special summer day at the huge plantation of Mont Royal. A South Carolinian young man, Orry Maine, leaves his rich home for West Point Academy. On his way northwards, in very strange circumstances, he meets two people who will play a decisive role in his life: beautiful lady Madeleine Fabray whom Orry helps and with whom he falls in love and a "Yankee" George Hazard by whom Orry is helped and who is also on his way to West Point Academy. From that time, Orry and George are best friends and help each other at every moment, they fight for the USA in the Mexican War at Churubusco where George saves Orry's life. A few years later, the friendship of Orry and George spread to the friendship of their families, the Maines from South Carolina and the Hazards from Pennsylvania. Yet, the love of Orry's life, Madeleine gets married to Justin LaMotte, a rich cruel owner of nearby plantation in South Carolina. Their love cannot be fulfilled and they only meet in secret. Years pass by and the relations between north and south are not that calm as in the past. Northern abolitionists demand the end of slavery while the south demands secession and separation from the "damn Yankees." Although George and Orry badly want peace between north and south, there is no escape from the inescapable fate. April, the 12th, 1861 and the attack on the northern fortress Fort Sumter done by the southerners means the beginning of war. These who fought together at Churubusco will have to fight against each other. Friends will have to become enemies. Will war be stronger than peace of mind? May the storm and noise of canons, rifles and bullets destroy honor, respect and true friendship? - IMDb

Экранизация бестселлера Джона Джейкса, посвященного событиям, предшествовавшим Гражданской войне в США. Часть первая рассказывает о судьбе двух друзей. Один из семьи промышленников с Севера, другой - из семьи плантаторов с Юга. Все началось, когда Орри и Джордж, курсанты Военной академии, познакомились друг с другом. Жизнь военных, для которых смертельный риск - часть их будничной работы, сделала их неразлучными друзьями. Но вскоре их дружба подверглась жестоким испытаниям...

Észak és Dél Hungary
Fackeln im Sturm West Germany
Fackeln im Sturm Germany
Jaettu maa Finland
Kuzey ve güney (Turkish title) Turkey
Nord e sud Italy
Nord et sud France
Nord och syd Sweden
Nord og syd Denmark
Nord og sør Norway
Nord si Sud Romania
Norte e Sul Portugal
Norte y Sur Peru
Norte y Sur Spain
Norte y Sur Venezuela
Norte y Sur Colombia
North & South: Book 1, North & South (World-wide)  
North and South Book I (DVD title) USA
North and South, Book I USA
Põhi ja lõuna Estonia
Północ - Południe Poland
Sever a juh (alternative title) Slovakia
Sever i jug Serbia
Sever proti juhu Slovakia
Sjever i jug Croatia
Voreioi kai Notioi (DVD title) Greece
Βόρειοι και Νότιοι Greece
Север и Юг (Russian title) Soviet Union
Север и Юг (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
南北戦争物語 愛と自由への大地 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Cary Guffey [13] Young Billy Hazard (TV Episode: 1.1) (1985)
Davis Hotard [14]
Temi Epstein [10] Young Ashton Main (TV Episode: 1.1) (1985)

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