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I vse-taki ya lyublyu... (TV series)

Aka: And Still I Love... (World-wide)
Director: Sergey Ginzburg
Year: 2008
Country: Russia
Runtime: 44 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Moscow, Russia, the Stalin era, ca 1950. Based on contemporary Russian authoress Elena Kharkova's award winning romance novel, "I vse-taki ya lyublyu... (And Still I Love...)" (2005), this is a story of redemptive love between a mother and daughter. Vera, a simple girl from a small provincial town, falls in love with Vadim, an educated boy from Moscow, the son of well-off, powerful, politically connected parents. Despite his parents' disapproval, Vera and Vadim marry. But, Vera does not fit into Vadim's world of Moscow's educated, rich, communist elite, finding it unreceptive, intimidating, and unforgiving. Vadim soon begins to grow distant, treating Vera both indifferently and cruelly. When Vera becomes pregnant and gives birth, Vadim disowns their daughter, and puts her away in a foster home after paying a bribe to have her registered as an orphan. After this, Vera loses hope. She begins to numb her pain with strong alcohol, and escape her loneliness in the arms of indiscriminately chosen lovers. But, the love between her and her mother will offer Vera redemption, and give a new hope for life to both her and her young daughter. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Aleksandr Siguev [12] Vanya
Alina Bulynko [11] Rita as child
Polina Lunegova [10] Kristina as child (TV Episode: 14)
Kostya Dzyamko Zhenya as child (TV Episode: 14)
Vasiliy Brykov [10] boy
Sofya Ardova [12] Alyona
Kirill Prodolyatchenko [10] boy Mishka

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