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The Arnelo Affair

The Arnelo Affair (USA)

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1947 February, 13
86 minutes
Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Romance
Production Company:
$ 892 000

Anne Parkson feels neglected by her lawyer-husband Ted, so she falls in love with night-club owner Tony Arnello, a shady character who is a client of her husband's. This being a MGM picture and MGM known to strive for General Audience ratings and avoid the dreaded Adult Audience tag, any affair that takes place is barely implied. Tony, a no-goodnik, kills Claire Lorrison, but Anne's compact is found near the body. Arnello threatens her with exposure unless she keeps quiet, as she is the only one who knows he is guilty. This being an Arch Oboler film, it is also filled with lots of "stream of consciousness" techniques in which the audience is able to share the thoughts of the central character. Oboler is highly praised in some quarters for bringing this from his radio programs where, of course, it was needed to let the radio audience know what was going on. In films, it comes off as just somebody talking to themselves. Gifford talks to herself a lot in this one, mainly about whether to commit suicide. Not in a MGM General Audience-rated movie you don't. - IMDb

L'affaire Arnelo France
The Arnelo Affair USA
The Arnelo Affair United Kingdom
The Arnelo Affair Canada
El Caso Arnelo Mexico
El Caso Arnelo Argentina
Cazul Arnelo Romania
Hemligt möte Sweden
Non tormentarmi più Italy
O Caso Arnelo Brazil
Salainen tapaaminen Finland

Children's Cast:

Dean Stockwell [10] Ricky Parkson