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Gentleman's Agreement

Gentleman's Agreement (United Kingdom)
Laura Z. Hobson's Gentleman's Agreement (United Kingdom: complete title)

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1947 November, 11
118 minutes
Production Company:
$ 1 985 000


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Philip Green is a highly respected writer who is recruited by a national magazine to write a series of articles on anti-Semitism in America. He's not too keen on the series, mostly because he's not sure how to tackle the subject. Then it dawns on him: if he was to pretend to all and sundry that he was Jewish, he could then experience the degree of racism and prejudice that exists and write his story from that perspective. It takes little time for him to experience bigotry. His anger at the way he is treated also affects his relationship with Kathy Lacy, his publisher's niece and the person who suggested the series in the first place. - IMDb

Фильм представляет собой одну из самых первых и серьезных попыток обличения расизма и антисемитизма в послевоенной Америке. В центре повествования молодой независимый литератор, пытающийся привлечь внимание общества к социальным проблемам и выдающий себя за еврея, с тем чтобы написать ряд статей об антисемитизме и взглянуть на трагедию народа глазами еврея.

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Barriera invisibile Italy
Dżentelmeńska umowa Poland
Dzentlmenská dohoda Slovakia
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Gentleman's Agreement United Kingdom
Gentleman's Agreement South Africa
Gentleman's Agreement Australia
Gentleman's Agreement Canada
Gentleman's Agreement USA
Gentleman's Agreement  
Gentleman's Agreement USA
Hiljainen sopimus Finland
Laura Z. Hobson's Gentleman's Agreement (complete title) United Kingdom
Laura Z. Hobson's Gentleman's Agreement (complete title) USA
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Children's Cast:

Dean Stockwell [11] Tommy Green