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Lou Grant (TV series 1977-1982)

Lou Grant (United Kingdom)

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1977 September, 20
60 minutes
Production Company:


After everyone on the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" got fired, Lou Grant went to Los Angeles and became city editor of the L.A. Tribune, owned by Mrs. Pynchon, with whom Lou often has loud but sympathetic arguments. Lots of social causes and interpersonal relationships. - IMDb

Gazeteciler Turkey
Lou Grant United Kingdom
Lou Grant India
Lou Grant Italy
Lou Grant Netherlands
Lou Grant Poland
Lou Grant Singapore
Lou Grant USA
Lou Grant (dubbed version) Uruguay
Lou Grant West Germany
Lou Grant Austria
Lou Grant Canada
Lou Grant Canada
Lou Grant West Germany
Lou Grant Ecuador
Lou Grant Spain
Lou Grant France
På första sidan Sweden
Лу Грант Soviet Union
事件記者ルー・グラント Japan

Children's Cast:

Meeno Peluce [9] Nick (TV Episode: Denial) (1979)
Brad Savage [16] Danny (TV Episode: Generations) (1981)
Billy Jayne [11] Mike (TV Episode: Cover-Up) (1980)
Matthew Labyorteaux [13] Mark Donner (TV Episode: Kids) (1979)
Robbie Rist [14] Josh (TV Episode: Airliner) (1978)
Jeffrey Chandler [25] Customer (TV Episode: Hooker) (1978)
Christian Juttner [15] Michael (TV Episode: Romance) (1979)
David Hollander [11] Bryan Furniss (TV Episode: Cover-Up) (1980)
Kirk Cameron [12] Joey (TV Episode: Victims) (1982)
Alene Wilson Lisa Evans (TV Episode: Murder) (1978)
David Baron Tony (TV Episode: Generations) (1981)
Michelle Walker Amy (TV Episode: Cameras) (1982)
Natasha Ryan [7] Felicia (TV Episode: Barrio) (1977)
Michael LeClair Roger (TV Episode: Aftershock) (1977)
Guillermo San Juan Henry (TV Episode: Barrio) (1977)