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Casper's Scare School (TV)

Casper's Scare School (USA)

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2006 October, 20
78 minutes
Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:

In CASPER'S SCARE SCHOOL, Casper has a new assignment: get in touch with his spooky side and start scaring "fleshies" OR ELSE! It's a tough enough challenge for the world's friendliest ghost. But when he goes to Scare School to learn his craft, he uncovers a plot by Alder and Dash, the cruel, two-headed headmaster, to take over the world. With only himself and his misfit pals Ra, a mummy with "unraveling issues," and Mantha, a zombie who can't keep her limbs on, the odds are stacked against him. But what Alder and Dash don't realize is that the power of friendliness is greater than any evil plot, and when friends work together nothing can stop them. - IMDb

Casper - O Fantasminha e a Escola dos Sustos Portugal
Casper - Scuola di paura Italy
Casper az Ijesztő Iskolában Hungary
Casper'in Korku Okulu Turkey
Casper's Scare School USA
Casper, escuela de sustos Spain
Caspers Gruselschule West Germany
Caspers Spookschool Belgium
Caspers Spookschool Netherlands
A Escola de Susto do Gasparzinho Brazil
Kacper: Szkoła postrachu Poland
Kasperin kauhukoulu Finland
Каспер: Школа страха Russia
Каспер: Школа страху Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Brett DelBuono [13] Jimmy (voice)
Devon Werkheiser [15] Casper / Casper's Shadow (voice)