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The Murdoch Mysteries (TV series)

The Murdoch Mysteries (USA)

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Production Company:

Set in the gritty back streets of 1890s Toronto, Detective William Murdoch employs the latest in forensic science to solve the city's most gruesome murders. While his superior, Inspector Brackenreid, doubts the validity of Murdoch's methods -such as fingerprints, he finds allies in Dr. Julia Ogden and Constable George Crabtree. Through his investigations, Murdoch is also drawn closer to the street-smart prostitute, Ettie Weston... The series encompasses three dark and twisting feature-length episodes: "Except the Dying," "Poor Tom Is Cold," and "Under the Dragon's Tail." - IMDb

The Murdoch Mysteries West Germany
The Murdoch Mysteries USA
The Murdoch Mysteries Italy
The Murdoch Mysteries Canada
The Murdoch Mysteries Canada
Murdoch nyomozó rejtélyei Hungary
Перед смертью все равны Russia
Расследования Мёрдока Russia

Children's Cast:

Demetrius Joyette [12] Freddie (TV Episode: Under the Dragon's Tail) (2005)
David Turnbull [15] Joe Seaton (TV Episode: Except the Dying) (2004)
Cameron Ansell [12] Ben (TV Episode: Except the Dying) (2004)