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En komikers uppväxt (mini)

Aka: O Homem d'Orange (Portugal)
Director: Jonas Cornell
Year: 1992
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 135 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Juha Lindström grows up in the 1970s in a peaceful suburb to Stockholm called Sävbyholm. Sävbyholm seems peaceful enough on the surface but underneath a lot of problems exist. The grown-up Juha is a famous comedian who cannot forget his childhood. He remembers being a kid and trying to please the cool kids by being funny. He didn't always succeed. Now he is taping letters to his childhood friend Thomas about how bad he feels and how much his childhood has affected him. We follow Juha and the other kids in 6th grade in flashbacks. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

David Boati [13] Juha som barn (TV Episode: Del 1) (1992)
David Fornander Thomas (TV Episode: Del 3) (1992)
Erika Ullenius [14] Charlotte (TV Episode: Del 2) (1992)

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