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The Secret Life of Leonardo Da Vinci (Video)

The Secret Life of Leonardo Da Vinci (USA)

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2006 March, 14
60 minutes
Documentary / Biography

Extraordinary works of art fill museums and art galleries around the world. Art captivates us by allowing us to see the world through someone else's eyes. People spend their lives creating it, collecting it, and critiquing it. Why are we more inspired by one piece of work than another? What is this fascination we have with art? Humans have been creating art since the beginning of time but rarely do we come across an artist with the genius of Leonardo DaVinci. Who was Leonardo DaVinci? Artist? Inventor? Engineer? Architect? Scientist? Mathematician? Musician? Designer? Writer? Raconteur? And how is it that Leonardo DaVinci continues to capture our attention and stump the scholars five centuries after his death? This insightful and entertaining documentary attempts to piece together the many clues the maestro left behind in his diary and masterpieces to create an accurate portrait of this legendary and very private man. Expert interviews with the very people who have been entrusted with preserving Leonardo DaVinci's legacy are intertwined with dramatic reenactments that thoughtfully demonstrate the very human qualities of this often misunderstood genius. Rounding out this tribute to the original "Renaissance Man" are interviews with some of the leading artists, inventors, architects and musicians of our time reflecting on the impact Leonardo DaVinci had on their fields, their careers and their lives. - IMDb

The Secret Life of Leonardo Da Vinci USA
La vida secreta de Leonardo Da Vinci Venezuela

Children's Cast:

David Gore [9] Salai as a boy
Aidan Gould [9] Leo as a boy