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Untold Stories of the ER (TV series)

Untold Stories of the ER (USA)

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2005 April, 4
60 minutes
Documentary / Drama
Production Company:

Dramatizations of patients in life threatening moments while doctors do their best to help them in the E.R. - IMDb

Dans les coulisses des urgences Canada
ER: storie incredibili Italy
Istories apo tin entatiki (transliterated title) Greece
Sala de Emergencias: Historias Inéditas Argentina
Sala de Emergencias: Historias Inéditas Mexico
Sucedió en urgencias Spain
Sürgősségi osztály (Amiről a Vészhelyzetben sem beszélnek) Hungary
Untold Stories of the ER South Africa
Untold Stories of the ER Ecuador
Untold Stories of the ER USA
Untold Stories of the ER Canada
Untold Stories of the ER Philippines
Нерассказанные истории скорой помощи Russia

Children's Cast:

Gattlin Griffith Brian Bogert (TV Episode: Life and Limb) (2006)
Logan Grove Michael Lanosa (TV Episode: Nothing's Working) (2005)
Caleb Babcock [6] Robby Wright (TV Episode: How Can This Happen?) (2005)
Field Cate [9] Kevin Welch (TV Episode: Officer Down) (2006)
Maxwell Perry Cotton [6] Austin / Scurvy Patient (TV Episode: Code Black) (2006)
Kiana Esposto Cactus Girl Eva Ruiz (TV Episode: Mountain Lion Attack) (2006)
Kendall Ryan Sanders [9] Cody Hoover (TV Episode: A Shot in the Dark) (2006)
Valin Shinyei [9] Yakov (TV Episode: Man with Two Faces) (2010)
Eliza Faria [12] Avery (TV Episode: Pain Manager/The Determined Bride/Hockey Player Down) (2016)
Christian Michael Cooper Max (TV Episode: Holiday ER) (2012)
Erika Forest Daughter (TV Episode: Don't Push It!) (2014)
Raziel Jordan [8] Screaming Child (TV Episode: Hidden Dangers) (2006)
Chad Vigil Christopher Nicholas (TV Episode: Xmas-Septic Tank/Healed Boots) (2005)
Harrison Houde [14] Alex (TV Episode: Heart in Hand) (2010)
Zenon Brown Caleb Hoover (TV Episode: I'm So Dead/Taking a Break/The Race) (2016)
Erica Tremblay [6] Maya