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Special Agent Oso (TV series)

Oso: Agente Especial (USA)
Special Agent Oso (United Kingdom)

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2009 April, 4
United Kingdom
Adventure / Family / Mystery

A kids' show centered around a special agent-in-training needs the help of viewers at home in order to complete his missions. - IMDb

Agent Special OSO France
Agent specjalny Oso Poland
Agente especial Oso Spain
Agente Speciale Oso Italy
Agjenti Special Oso Albania
Eidikos praktoras Oso (transliterated title) Greece
Oso különleges ügynök Hungary
Oso: Agente Especial Mexico
Oso: Agente Especial Peru
Oso: Agente Especial USA
Oso: Agente Especial Argentina
Özel ajan Oso Turkey
Special Agent Oso Canada
Special Agent Oso Canada
Special Agent Oso Ecuador
Special Agent Oso United Kingdom
Special Agent Oso Philippines
Special Agent Oso USA
Special Agent Oso South Africa
Special-agent OSO Finland
Special-agent OSO Sweden
Spesialagent Oso Norway
Spezialagent Oso West Germany
Urso: Agente Especial Brazil
Đặc Vụ Oso Vietnam
Спецагент Осо Russia
きんきゅうしゅつどう隊 OSO Japan
特务欧宝 China
特务欧宝 Singapore
特務歐寶 Hong Kong
特務歐寶 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Zachary Gordon [11] Rasheed / Tyler (TV Episode: License to Chill/GoldenFly) (2009)
Kurt Doss [13] Dawson (TV Episode: Carousel Royale/Leaf Raker) (2009)
Madison Pettis [11] Katie / Tara (TV Episode: The Living Flashlight/Sand Castle Royale) (2009)
William Brent [14] Michael (TV Episode: The Boy with the Golden Gift/Birthdays Are Forever) (2009)
Caitlin Carmichael [7] Athena (TV Episode: Quantum of Celery/Drink Another Day) (2011)
Maxim Knight [11] David / Gavin / Henry / ... (TV Episode: The Manny with the Golden Bear) (2010)
Madison Rothschild Jennifer / Wahla (TV Episode: License to Cheer Up/You Only Vote Once) (2010)
Colin Ford [13] (voice) (TV Episode: View to a Book/Diamonds Are for Kites) (2009)
Khamani Griffin [11] Tyler (TV Episode: Live and Jump Rope/A View to a Kitten) (2009)
Liberty Smith [13] Lena (TV Episode: Lost and Get Found/A View to the Truth) (2011)
Kwesi Boakye [11] Andrew (TV Episode: Nobody Draws It Better/Thunderbubble) (2010)
Kristen Combs [13] Caroline (TV Episode: Thunder Berries/Flowers Are Forever) (2009)
Kailey Nicole Ashley / Emily (TV Episode: Nobody Draws It Better/Thunderbubble) (2009)
John DeVito [11] Theo / Sam (TV Episode: The Living Flashlight/Sand Castle Royale) (2009)
Elan Garfias [10] Grayson (TV Episode: Octo-Puzzle/One Suitcase Is Now Enough) (2009)
Quinton Lopez Rabbit (TV Episode: For Show and Tell Only/Piggy Bank Royale) (2009)
Yara Shahidi Leah (TV Episode: For Your Hands Only/Thunderbeam) (2011)
Jillian Henry [13] Brianna (TV Episode: Goldfeather/Live and Let Ride) (2009)
Madison Davenport [13] Stacey (TV Episode: To Grandma with Love/Gold Flower) (2009)
Ciara Bravo [12] Sarah (TV Episode: View to a Book/Diamonds Are for Kites) (2009)
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