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Special Agent Oso (TV series)

Oso: Agente Especial (USA: Spanish title)

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2009 April, 4
Adventure / Family / Mystery

A kids' show centered around a special agent-in-training needs the help of viewers at home in order to complete his missions. - IMDb

Agent Special OSO France
Agente especial Oso Spain
Agente Speciale Oso Italy
Eidikos praktoras Oso (transliterated title) Greece
Oso különleges ügynök Hungary
Oso: Agente Especial Argentina
Oso: Agente Especial Mexico
Oso: Agente Especial Peru
Oso: Agente Especial (Spanish title) USA
Special-agent OSO Finland
Special-agent OSO Sweden
Spesialagent Oso Norway
Spezialagent Oso Germany
Urso: Agente Especial Brazil
Đặc Vụ Oso Vietnam
きんきゅうしゅつどう隊 OSO (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Zachary Gordon [11] Rasheed / Tyler (TV Episode: License to Chill/GoldenFly) (2009)
Kurt Doss [13] Dawson (TV Episode: Carousel Royale/Leaf Raker) (2009)
Madison Pettis [11] Katie / Tara (TV Episode: The Living Flashlight/Sand Castle Royale) (2009)
William Brent [14] Michael (TV Episode: The Boy with the Golden Gift/Birthdays Are Forever) (2009)
Caitlin Carmichael [7] Athena (TV Episode: Quantum of Celery/Drink Another Day) (2011)
Maxim Knight [11] David / Gavin / Henry / ... (TV Episode: The Manny with the Golden Bear) (2010)
Madison Rothschild Jennifer / Wahla (TV Episode: License to Cheer Up/You Only Vote Once) (2010)
Colin Ford [13] (voice) (TV Episode: View to a Book/Diamonds Are for Kites) (2009)
Khamani Griffin [11] Tyler (TV Episode: Live and Jump Rope/A View to a Kitten) (2009)
Liberty Smith [13] Lena (TV Episode: Lost and Get Found/A View to the Truth) (2011)
Kwesi Boakye [11] Andrew (TV Episode: Nobody Draws It Better/Thunderbubble) (2010)
Kristen Combs [13] Caroline (TV Episode: Thunder Berries/Flowers Are Forever) (2009)
Kailey Nicole Ashley / Emily (TV Episode: Nobody Draws It Better/Thunderbubble) (2009)
John DeVito [11] Theo / Sam (TV Episode: The Living Flashlight/Sand Castle Royale) (2009)
Elan Garfias [10] Grayson (TV Episode: Octo-Puzzle/One Suitcase Is Now Enough) (2009)
Quinton Lopez Rabbit (TV Episode: For Show and Tell Only/Piggy Bank Royale) (2009)
Yara Shahidi Leah (TV Episode: For Your Hands Only/Thunderbeam) (2011)
Jillian Henry [13] Brianna (TV Episode: Goldfeather/Live and Let Ride) (2009)
Madison Davenport [13] Stacey (TV Episode: To Grandma with Love/Gold Flower) (2009)
Ciara Bravo [12] Sarah (TV Episode: View to a Book/Diamonds Are for Kites) (2009)
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