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The Closer (TV series 2005-2012)


Aka: Detektyve Dzonson (Lithuania)
Director: Michael M. Robin, Rick Wallace, Arvin Brown ... more
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Runtime: 46 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, formerly Atlanta police officer and CIA-trained interrogator, is given the opportunity to run her own division of elite officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. Her unusual procedure for obtaining confessions, blatant disregard for politics, and country accent make her a marked woman. However, with all the bluster and bravado, she still maintains her title, The Closer. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Daryl Sabara [16] Jason Hetner (TV Episode: Problem Child) (2008)
Bridger Palmer [8] Duncan Mundy (TV Episode: Head Over Heels) (2006)
Aaron Refvem [13] Skander Marku (TV Episode: Living Proof: Part One) (2010)
Quinton Lopez Ruben (TV Episode: Heart Attack) (2010)
Vanessa Marano [16] Theresa Monroe (TV Episode: Problem Child) (2008)
Taylor Boggan [13] Tyler Crosby (TV Episode: Heroic Measures) (2006)
Braeden Lemasters [10] Charlie Hubbard (TV Episode: Blue Blood) (2006)
Aaron Fors [17] Carl Nelson (TV Episode: No Good Deed) (2006)
Zayne Emory Avery Disken (TV Episode: Help Wanted) (2010)
Sage Ryan Leo (TV Episode: Help Wanted) (2010)
Nikki Hahn [8] Cody Tatem (TV Episode: In Custody) (2010)
Josh Feldman [12] Tim Michaels (TV Episode: Star Turn) (2011)
Grace Kaufman Kayla King (TV Episode: Home Improvement) (2011)
Bianca D'Ambrosio [5] Disken Twin (TV Episode: Help Wanted) (2010)
Chiara D'Ambrosio [5] Disken Twin (TV Episode: Help Wanted) (2010)

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