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Opposite Day


Aka: День наоборот (Russia)
Director: R. Michael Givens
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Runtime: 88 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Family

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Opposite Day is a hilarious new comedy that puts the kids in charge and the adults in their place. Nine year old Sammy and his 8 year old sister Carla go on holiday with their grandparents when their overworked parents are unable to take them. On the first night of their mountain vacation Sammy makes a childlike wish “I wish kids ruled the world”. Little did he know what was yet to happen.
Back in town Sammy’s friend Chas is being used as part of his father’s ambitious experiment to decode the language of babies, but the experiment goes wildly wrong. When the machine being used explodes, a thrust of energy and elements are released into the town and the personalities of kids and adults reverse, resulting in a town run by kid cops, kid fireman, kid judges, kid lawyers, etc.
Sammy, Carla, and their grandparents return form their vacation to find the world is a much different and chaotic place. Sammy is determined to try to enjoy and take advantaged of the situation for as long as possible while Carla is worried and cautious from the start. Together they discover that being responsible “adults” isn’t as fun as they had imagined. Pitted against their old friend Chas who wants to turn this freak accident into a permanent global phenomenon, the siblings have to learn to trust each other, and to learn that all the rules of growing up are there to help you grow up right.

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Children's Cast:

Uriah Shelton [12] Security Guard
Jared Gilmore [9] Baby Bailiff
Kurt Doss [13] Kid Shop Owner
Andrew Astor [9] Homeless Baby
Will Shadley [10] Kid Security Guard #3
William Brent [14] Sammy Benson
Ariel Winter [11] Carla Benson
Dylan Cash [15] Chaz
Isabella Astor [14] Kid Parent
Emily Rose Everhard [13] Reynold
Bridger Palmer [11] Security Guard
Michael William Arnold [10] Kid Doctor #2
Casey Margolis [13] Alexia
Rico Rodriguez [11] Kid Janitor
Kristen Combs [13] Sue
Logan Grove Kid Photographer
Brandon Killham [12] Kid Tour Guide
Melody Hollis [11] Kid Mother
Joshua Lopez Lawson Kid Mayor
David Gore [13] Kid Mob Boss
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