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White Pants Willie

White Pants Willie (USA)

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1927 July, 24
70 minutes
Production Company:

Philip Charters (Henry A. Barrows), the President of International Motors, and his daughter, Helen Leila Hyams), drive up to the shop of Willie Bascom (Johnny Hines), an auto mechanic. Charters is interested in an invention by Willie, and Willie quickly becomes interested in Helen. They depart for Cold Springs, a fashionable summer resort for the rich. Wllile images that Cold Springs is such a place where a young man wearing white pants would not be jeered at. He gets a chance to find out when he has to repair a car and take it to the owner in Cold Springs. He summons Wong Lee (George Kuwa'), a Chinese laundryman to pose as his chauffeur, dons his spiffiest pair of white pants,arrives at the resort and is mistaken for a crack polo player, hired to help the resort's team beat a rival team. Willie is anything but a polo player. - IMDb

A Fehér pantalló Hungary
O Caradura Brazil
De Ponto em Branco Portugal
De Punta en blanco Spain
White Pants Willie USA

Children's Cast:

Austen Jewell [11] Polo PLayer