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Time of Your Life (TV series 1999-2001)

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1999 October, 25
60 minutes

In this spinoff from the series "Party of Five," Sarah Reeves leaves San Francisco to get away from her pampered life and start a new one for herself in New York City where her late biological mother lived as well as to find her biological father that she has never met. Changing her last name to Merrin (her birth mother's last name) Sarah settles in the same apartment where her mother lived which she shares with Romy Sullivan, a struggling actress and younger version of Sarah's mother, while she makes new friends who include struggling musician John Maguire, bar waitress Joss House, their freakish landlord Cecilia, and a friendly neighbor named J.B. - IMDb

Cenerentola a New York Italy
New York Life Germany
New York Life - Endlich im Leben! Germany
Pala omenaa Finland
Sarah France
Singel i New York Sweden
El Tiempo de tu vida Spain
A Życie kołem się toczy Poland

Children's Cast:

Shira Roth [14] Giggling Girl #2 (TV Episode: The Time They Got E-Rotic) (2000)
David Dorfman [6] Kid (TV Episode: The Time She Came to New York) (1999)

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