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Wizards of Waverly Place (TV series)

The Amazing Hannigans (USA: working title)
The Amazing O'Malleys (USA: working title)
Disney Wizards (USA: working title)

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2007 October, 12
22 minutes
Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:

When on TV?

14 Apr, 11:05 M2 Episode 22
15 Apr, 11:05 M2 Episode 23
16 Apr, 11:05 M2 Episode 24
17 Apr, 12:45 M2 Episode 27

"Wizards of Waverly Place" focuses on the Russos. A typical family, which includes a mom, Theresa Russo; a dad, Jerry Russo; a son, Justin Russo; a daughter, Alex Russo; and another son, Max Russo. The kids and the family live normal lives but what their friends don't know is the kids are wizards in training and the dad was a former wizard! - IMDb

The Amazing Hannigans (working title) USA
The Amazing O'Malleys (working title) USA
Boлшебники из Bэйверли Russia
Čarobnjaci iz Waverlyja Croatia
Čarobnjaci sa Vejverli Plejsa Serbia
Czarodzieje z Waverly Place Poland
Disney Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place Germany
Disney Wizards (working title) USA
Galdrakrakkar Iceland
Los hechiceros de Waverly Place Peru
Los hechiceros de Waverly Place (dubbed version) Uruguay
I maghi di Waverly Italy
Magi på Waverly Place Sweden
Magi på Waverly Place Denmark
Magikerne på Waverly Place Norway
Los magos de Waverly Place Spain
Oi magoi tou Waverly Place Greece
Os Feiticeiros de Waverly Place Portugal
Os Feiticeiros de Waverly Place Brazil
Sihirbaz kardesler (DVD title) Turkey
Les sorciers de Waverly Place France
Varázslók a Waverly helyből Hungary
Waverly Büyücüleri (Turkish title) Turkey
Waverly Placen velhot Finland
Die Zauberer vom Waverly Place Germany

Children's Cast:

Cole Sprouse [17] Cody Martin (TV Episode: Cast-Away (to Another Show)) (2009)
Bailee Madison [12] Maxine Russo (TV Episode: Back to Max) (2011)
Dylan Sprouse [17] Zack Martin (TV Episode: Cast-Away (to Another Show)) (2009)
Daryl Sabara [15] TJ Taylor (TV Episode: Disenchanted Evening) (2007)
Jake T. Austin [13] Max Russo (TV Episode: Get Along, Little Zombie) (2007)
Selena Gomez [15] Alex Russo (TV Episode: Who Will Be the Family Wizard?) (2007)
McKaley Miller Talia (TV Episode: Alex the Puppetmaster) (2011)
Christa B. Allen [18] Daphne (TV Episode: Family Game Night) (2009)
Jordan-Claire Green [16] Kelly (TV Episode: I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain) (2007)
Malese Jow [16] Ruby Donahue (TV Episode: Movies) (2007)
Miley Cyrus [17] Hannah Montana / Miley Stewart (TV Episode: Cast-Away (to Another Show)) (2009)
Paulie Litt [12] Joey (TV Episode: New Employee) (2007)
David Gore [12] Benji (TV Episode: Credit Check) (2008)
China Anne McClain [13] Tina (TV Episode: Dancing with Angels) (2011)
Bryce Hurless [11] British Kid Wizard (TV Episode: Wizards vs. Werewolves) (2010)
Moises Arias [15] Conscience (TV Episode: Monster Hunter) (2009)
Skyler Samuels [13] Gigi (TV Episode: The Crazy 10 Minute Sale) (2007)
Bella Thorne [13] Nancy Lueke (TV Episode: Max's Secret Girlfriend) (2010)
Kimberly Perez Harper Wanna-Be (TV Episode: Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth) (2009)
Yara Shahidi Olive (TV Episode: Doll House) (2009)
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