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Viper (TV series)

Also known as: Száguldó vipera (Hungary)
Director: Bruce Bilson, Danny Bilson, Mario Azzopardi ... more
Release: 2 Jan 1994
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

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In the near future, an organized crime group known as the "Outfit" has become a major force in America. Engineer Julian Wilkes develops a high-tech crime-fighting vehicle called the Viper, which is intended to be a "flagship" in a new crackdown on crime. The Viper needs a driver, so when Outfit driver Michael Payton is injured and captured, his memory is erased, and he is given a new identity as Joe Astor, MetroPol employee. The Outfit discredits the Viper project, but when it is canceled, Joe and Julian steal the Viper and strike out on their own private war against crime. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Natanya Ross [13] Kimberly (TV Episode: Thief of Hearts) (1994)
Adam Hendershott [11] T.J. (TV Episode: Safe as Houses) (1994)
Keegan MacIntosh [12] Ben Taylor (TV Episode: Die Laughing) (1996)

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