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The John Larroquette Show (TV series 1993-1996)

Crossroads (USA: working title)
Larroquette (USA: promotional abbreviation)

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1993 September, 2
30 minutes

Television sitcom about a recovering alcoholic who becomes the manager of a big city bus station. The tragicomic theme of the show is perhaps summed up best by an old carnival sign that now hangs in his office, 'This is a Dark Ride.' - IMDb

Crossroads (working title) USA
Larroquette (promotional abbreviation) USA
Nachtschicht mit John Germany
El Show de John Larroquette Argentina
El Show de John Larroquette Venezuela

Children's Cast:

Courtney Chase [5] Marjorie (TV Episode: Bad Pennies) (1995)
Andrew J. Ferchland [6] Jason Hoodak (TV Episode: Copies) (1996)
Omri Katz [17] Tony Hemingway (TV Episode: Rachel and Tony) (1993)
Humberto Ortiz [13] Dante (TV Episode: John and Carol) (1994)
Sarah Martineck Mary Sue (TV Episode: My Hero) (1993)

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