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The John Larroquette Show (TV series 1993-1996)

Crossroads (USA: working title)
Larroquette (USA: promotional abbreviation)

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1993 September, 2
30 minutes

Television sitcom about a recovering alcoholic who becomes the manager of a big city bus station. The tragicomic theme of the show is perhaps summed up best by an old carnival sign that now hangs in his office, 'This is a Dark Ride.' - IMDb

Crossroads (working title) USA
Larroquette (promotional abbreviation) USA
Nachtschicht mit John Germany
El Show de John Larroquette Argentina
El Show de John Larroquette Spain
El Show de John Larroquette Venezuela
Шоу Джона Ларрокетта Russia

Children's Cast:

Courtney Chase [7] Marjorie (TV Episode: Bad Pennies) (1995)
Andrew J. Ferchland [9] Jason Hoodak (TV Episode: Copies) (1996)
Omri Katz [17] Tony Hemingway (TV Episode: Rachel and Tony) (1993)
Humberto Ortiz [15] Dante (TV Episode: John and Carol) (1994)
Sarah Martineck Mary Sue (TV Episode: My Hero) (1993)