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Three Men in a Tub

Three Men in a Tub (USA)

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1938 March, 26
10 minutes
Comedy / Family / Short
Production Company:

When Darla shows up with a new beau, Alfalfa is bereft. Unable to compete with Waldo's wealth, he decides to compete with skill. Waldo has a miniature speedboat. Alfalfa and the gang build their own "speedboat," powered by ducks, and challenge Waldo to a race for the hand of Darla. - IMDb

Three Men in a Tub USA
Ungerne og speedbåden Denmark
Трое в лодке Russia
Трое в лодке Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

George 'Spanky' McFarland [9] Spanky
Jerry Tucker [12] Spectator
Darla Hood [6] Darla
Darwood Kaye [8] Waldo
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer [10] Alfalfa
Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas [7] Buckwheat
Tommy McFarland [7] Spectator
Harold Switzer [13] Kid Spanky Pushes
Eugene 'Porky' Lee [4] Porky
Gary Jasgur [2] Race Starter
John 'Uh huh' Collum [11] Kid Who Starts Race
Sheila Brown [8] Spectator
Audrey Carol [7] Spectator