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Great Stagecoach Robbery

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1945 February, 15
56 minutes
Production Company:


The killing of young 'Boots' Hollister in this film is one of the most graphic, chilling and stark scenes, even with most of it off-camera, ever seen in a Republic B-western intended for the Saturday matinée crowd. The story has Red Ryder and his aunt, The Duchess, operating a stage line in the 1890's in Blue Springs. Con Hollister, released from prison and reformed, plans to return the $150,000 loot taken in a stagecoach holdup five years previous. Jed Quinlan, the brains behind a lawless gang, persuades Con's brash young son, Billy, to join him in the hold-up of the incoming stage carrying Mr. Hollister. Red breaks up the robbery and the gang gets away but not before Hollister recognizes his son as one of the bandits. 'Boots' Hollister, Con's young daughter, is murdered by Quinlan in cold blood as Quinlan is trying to locate the original robbery loot. And then Quinlan has Red suspected as the killer. - IMDb

Prova Fatal Brazil

Children's Cast:

Robert Blake [11] Little Beaver
Sylvia Arslan [11] Boots Hollister
Patsy May [10] Goodbody Girl
Freddie Chapman [14] Freddie
Leon Tyler [12] Tattletale
Chris Wren [9] Young Boy
Dickie Dillon Goodbody Boy

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