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The Horn Blows at Midnight

The Horn Blows at Midnight (United Kingdom)

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1945 April, 20
78 minutes
Comedy / Fantasy / Music
Production Company:


Falling asleep during the Paradise Coffee ("The Coffee that Makes You Sleep") Program, the band's third trumpeter dreams he's Athanael, an angel deputized to blow the Last Trumpet at exactly midnight on Earth. But Osidro and Doremus, two fallen angels enjoying the physical pleasures of an earthly existence, try to steal Athanael's trumpet, enlisting the aid of suave jewel thief Archie Dexter. Athanael fumbles his first try when he saves Archie's accomplice, Fran, from suicide. His second chance seems doomed when he's forced to leave his trumpet as security for a meal he can't pay for. But he gets it back just in time for a final confrontation with his desperate adversaries, dangling with them from the roof, only seconds from Midnight. - IMDb

Der Engel mit der Trompete West Germany
The Horn Blows at Midnight Canada
The Horn Blows at Midnight Canada
The Horn Blows at Midnight France
The Horn Blows at Midnight United Kingdom
The Horn Blows at Midnight USA
La tromba squilla a mezzanotte Italy
Un toque de trompeta a medianoche Spain
Звуки горна в полночь Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Robert Blake [11] Junior Poplinski
Gene Holland [13] Kid
Buddy Swan [15] Kid