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Hawaii Five-O (TV series 1968-1980)

Hawaii Five-0 (Australia)
Hawaii Five-O (United Kingdom)
McGarrett (USA: rerun title)

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1968 September, 20
60 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery


Five-0 was a special state police unit answering only to the Governor of Hawaii. It worked with Honolulu police to fight the underworld in the island state. Sooner or later virtually all the bad guys heard Steve McGarrett grunt "Book 'em, Danno!" though chief bad guy Wo Fat was caught after MacArthur left the series. - IMDb

Havaí cinco zero Brazil
Hawai 5-0 Spain
Hawai 5-0 Argentina
Hawai 5-0 Peru
Hawai 5-0 Mexico
Hawaï, police d'état (transliterated title) France
Hawaii 5-0 (dubbed version) Uruguay
Hawaii 5-0 Venezuela
Hawaii 5-0 Poland
Hawaii Fem-0 (transliterated title) Sweden
Hawaii Five-0 Australia
Hawaii Five-O Canada
Hawaii Five-O Philippines
Hawaii Five-O United Kingdom
Hawaii Five-O Canada
Hawaii Five-O Netherlands
Hawaii Five-O Singapore
Hawaii Five-O South Africa
Hawaii Five-O India
Hawaii Five-O Ecuador
Hawaii Five-O USA
Hawaii Fünf-Null (transliterated title) West Germany
Hawaii Fünf-Null West Germany
Hawaii police d'état France
Hawaii squadra cinque zero (transliterated title) Italy
McGarrett (rerun title) USA
Χαβάη Πέντε-0 Greece
Отдел 5-O Soviet Union
ハワイ5-0 Japan
하와이 5-0수사대 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Katy Kurtzman [14] Annie Carter (TV Episode: Image of Fear) (1979)
Radames Pera [13] Bob Martinelli (TV Episode: The Listener) (1973)
Debra Berger [16] Michi (TV Episode: The Diamond That Nobody Stole) (1973)
Katherine Cannon [17] Melissa Cole / Joan Wallis (TV Episode: Time and Memories) (1970)