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Duel Personalities

Director: George Sidney
Year: 1939
Country: USA
Runtime: 10 minutes
Genre: Family / Comedy / Short

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Rebuffed by Darla once again in favor of Butch, Alfalfa decides to join some of his Our Gang friends to watch the free performance by Professor William Delmore, a hypnotist. In the process, Alfalfa gets hypnotized to believe he is D'Artagnan of the Three Musketeers. Before Professor Delmore can remove the hypnotic suggestion, he is knocked unconscious. Believing Butch to be Rochefort, Alfalfa, in his D'Artagnan state, challenges him to a sword fighting duel for Darla's hand. But between the time of the challenge to the actual duel, a couple of things happen which could change the entire complexity of the duel itself. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

George 'Spanky' McFarland [11] Spanky
Tommy Bond [13] Butch
Sidney Kibrick [11] Woim
Becky Bohanon [8]
Priscilla Lyon [12] Darla's Friend
Darla Hood [8] Darla Hood
Darwood Kaye [10] Waldo
Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer [12] Alfalfa

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