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Puppies for Sale

Puppies for Sale (USA)

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1998 April, 5
9 minutes
Short / Family
Production Company:
$ 3 500

It's a busy day along the city sidewalks as an elderly pet-shop owner hangs a sign, "Puppies For Sale." Later, he's in his back room when he hears the shop bell jingle signaling a customer has entered. It's a lad in a baseball cap inquiring about the puppies. Four puppies bound in behind their mom, followed by a lagging fifth one with a congenital hip problem. That's the puppy the boy chooses, and he puts some crumpled bills and loose coins on the counter as a down payment. The man tries to dissuade the boy from taking the imperfect pup, but the lad insists and gets down on the floor to play with his new pet. The owner gets a surprise - and a lesson. - IMDb

Puppies for Sale USA
Valpar till salu Sweden

Children's Cast:

Jesse James [8] Boy