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The Beloved Rogue

The Vagabond Lover (USA: working title)

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1927 March, 12
99 minutes
Adventure / Drama / History / Romance
Production Company:


In 1432, while François Villon is still an infant, his father dies as a martyr to his devotion to France. François grows up to be a renowned poet, an ardent patriot, and a notorious carouser who is not above criminal acts. During the revels of All Fools Day, he insults Duke Charles of Burgundy, for which King Louis XI, who is afraid of Charles, banishes Villon from Paris. In exile outside the city walls, François looks for ways to protect France from Burgundy's plots. When Charles plans to have one of his associates marry the king's ward Charlotte, Villon successfully disrupts the engagement, but for so doing is sentenced to death. But Villon finds a way to exploit Louis's superstitious nature long enough to give him another chance to serve France, while at the same time seeking the hand of Charlotte. - IMDb

Amor de Boêmio Brazil
Der Bettelpoet Austria
Der Bettelpoet Germany
Der Fürst der Gasse Austria
Gøglernes Konge Denmark
Poeta e Aventureiro Portugal
The Vagabond Lover (working title) USA
El Vagabundo poeta Spain
Любимият мошеник (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Dickie Moore [1] Baby Francois

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