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Union Depot

Gentleman for a Day (United Kingdom)
Union Depot (USA)

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1932 January, 14
67 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance
Production Company:
$ 284 000

Among the travelers of varied backgrounds that meet and interact on one night at Union Depot, a metropolitan train station, are Chick and his friend Scrap Iron, both newly released from prison after serving time for vagrancy. Hungry and desperate for a break, Chick fortuitously comes across across a valise abandoned by a drunken traveler. In it he finds a shaving kit and a suit of clothes with a bankroll, which help transform the affable tramp into a dashing gent. After buying himself a meal, Chick seeks some female companionship among the many hustlers who walk the station. He propositions Ruth Collins, a stranded, out-of-work showgirl and takes her to the station's hotel. However, he quickly realizes she's not a streetwalker but another hard luck victim of the Depression. Touched by the Ruth's sincerity, he vows to help her buy a ticket to Salt Lake City, where a job awaits her. Scrap Iron is lucky too, stumbling across a wallet with a claim check discarded by a pickpocket. When Chick claims the violin case, he finds it filled with cash, unbeknownst to him, counterfeit. As he buys Ruth a new dress and train ticket, the real counterfeiter and secret servicemen begin closing in on them. - IMDb

Caballero por un día Spain
Cavalheiro por um Dia Brazil
Estação Central Portugal
Gentleman for a Day United Kingdom
Gentleman för en dag Sweden
Gentleman für eine Nacht Austria
Gentleman für einen Tag West Germany
Grand-Central Denmark
Union Depot Canada
Union Depot USA
Il vagabondo e la ballerina Italy
Вокзал «Юнион Депо» Soviet Union
ルンペン紳士 Japan

Children's Cast:

Dickie Moore [6] Little Boy
Frank Coghlan Jr. [15] Ragged Urchin
George Ernest [10] Eight-Year-Old Boy