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So Big!

So Big! (USA)

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1932 April, 29
81 minutes
Drama / Romance
Production Company:
$ 228 000

Selina lived well until her father Simeon died. Her aunts sold the estate and put her in a boarding school. As an adult she wants to be a teacher in farming country. She falls in love with and marries Pervus, a Dutch farmer she has been tutoring. When he dies her hopes lie with their son Dirk, who disappoints her by giving up architecture for stock brokerage. Her new hope is Roelfe, the son of her former boardinghouse keeper and a sculptor. Dirk falls in love with Dallas O'Mara, whom Selina hopes will be the inspiration for her son's salvation. - IMDb

Alma de sacrificio Mexico
Lille mor Denmark
Mon grand France
No Palco da Vida Brazil
So Big! Canada
So Big! USA
So Big! United Kingdom
Такой большой! Soviet Union
母(1932) Japan

Children's Cast:

Dickie Moore [6] Dirk De Jong (younger)
Payne B. Johnson [1] Barbara Stanwick's Baby
Betty Jane Graham [8] Agnes
Cammilla Johnson [14] Little Girl
Seessel Anne Johnson [11] Little Girl in Stove Scene
Carmencita Johnson [9] Little Girl in Stove Scene