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In Love with Life

In Love with Life (USA)
Re-Union (United Kingdom: new title)
Reunion (USA)

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1934 May, 8
66 minutes
Drama / Sport
Production Company:

Professor John Sylvestus Applegate has been dismissed from his college teaching position for objecting too loudly to the predominant part that football and other sports play in the curriculum, and soon finds himself dead broke when publishers show no interest in the dry material he brings to them. He meets a young boy, Laury and his mother, Sharon in the park and is quite taken with them. He gets a job-prospect letter, as a private tutor, and applies at once. His employer is Mr. Morley, a surly, sour, mean-tempered old man who informs John he is to act as a tutor for his grandson, who turns out to be Laury. Sharon, Morleys daughter had eloped against her father's wishes and was abandoned by her husband after Laury's birth. - IMDb

In Love with Life USA
Re-Union (new title) United Kingdom
Reunion USA

Children's Cast:

Dickie Moore [8] Laurence 'Laury' Applegate
Tommy Bupp [10] One of The Meglin Kiddies
Juanita Quigley [2] Little Girl with serving tray
June Preston [5] Meglin Kiddies Kabaret Dancer
Peggy Speth [4] Dancer
Ann Bupp [12] One of the Meglin Kiddies
Kathy Frye [12] Meglin Kiddie
The Meglin Kiddies Kiddie Kabaret Performers