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Love, Honor and Behave

Also known as: Everybody Was Very Nice (USA: working title)
Director: Stanley Logan
Release: 12 Mar 1938
Country: USA
Runtime: 71 minutes
Genre: Drama

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A woman raises her son Ted to be a good loser, in effect creating a weakling who never asserts himself. Even after marrying his childhood sweetheart Barbara and assuming family obligations, Ted cannot bring himself to fight for respect. The worm finally turns when Barbara starts stepping out on her Milquetoast husband, who then turns out not to be so passive after all. All comes full circle in this slyly symmetrical romantic comedy, with the final scene neatly skewering the complications set up in the opening reel. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Dickie Moore [13] Ted - as a child
Tommy Bupp [14] Boy Playing with Young Ted
Dickie Jones [11] Boy Playing with Young Ted
Priscilla Lyon [11] Girl Playing with Young Ted

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