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Verano azul (TV series 1981-1982)

Aka: Синьо лято (Bulgaria)
Director: Antonio Mercero
Year: 1981
Country: Spain
Runtime: 50 minutes

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This series is about the adventures of a bunch of youngsters during their Summer holiday in a small town in the Southern Coast of Spain. The seven kids: Quique, Javi, Pancho, Bea, Desi, Tito and Piraña, within an age range of eight to sixteen, meet there two adults, with whom they share many new experiences, Julia, a painter, and Chanquete, an old, wise and lovable retired sailor who lives in a boat set on a hilltop. Throughout the 19 episodes several key themes are dealt with: teenage, coming of age, death, generational gap, the right to protest, ethical values, family relations, building companies' speculation in the Spanish coastline etc. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Miguel Joven [8] Tito (TV Episode: El guateque de papá) (1981)
Miguel Ángel Valero [11] Piraña (TV Episode: El guateque de papá) (1981)

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