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Small Town Saturday Night

Small Town Saturday Night (United Kingdom)

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2010 June, 1
94 minutes
Production Company:

Just days before leaving for Nashville, Rhett Ryan discovers that the desire to follow his dream conflicts with his desire to be with the woman he loves. While Samantha does love the singer-songwriter, she starts to realize what's best for her daughter and their future may not be what's best for him. Tommy Carson works around the clock to keep the peace in Prospect, but Donny, who is on a downward spiral, makes this even more difficult for the deputy. And Les just wants to fit in with his big brother's friends, but his overbearing mother desperately wants him to stand out. The subtle interconnections of these character's lives will bring them all closer together, culminating in Rhett's final performance. - IMDb

Good Morning, Pennsylvania West Germany
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Small Town Saturday Night United Kingdom
Small Town Saturday Night Spain
Small Town Saturday Night USA
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Children's Cast:

Kali Majors [10] Megan Carson