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The New Breed (TV series 1961-1962)


Aka: Schauplatz Los Angeles (West Germany)
Director: Walter Grauman, Allen H. Miner, Joseph Pevney ... more
Year: 1961
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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"The New Breed" was an American crime - drama series ,aired on ABC network from 1961 to 1962, with thirty-six episodes,starring Leslie Nielsen at age 35. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Patty McCormack [17] Karen Kegler (TV Episode: Thousands and Thousands of Miles) (1962)
Ron Howard [8] Tommy Simms (TV Episode: So Dark the Night) (1962)
Bill Mumy [7] Billy (TV Episode: Wave Goodbye to Grandpa) (1961)
Jennie Lynn [10] Susie Tilden (TV Episode: Care Is No Cure) (1962)
Robert Eyer [14] Vinnie Kincaid (TV Episode: How Proud the Guilty) (1962)
Billy E. Hughes [14] (TV Episode: To Sell Another Human Being) (1962)

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