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Tro, håb og kærlighed

Twist and Shout (United Kingdom)

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1984 December, 26
108 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Music


Danish teens come of age in 1963. Bjorn and Erik are close friends. Bjorn is pursued by Kirsten, a future Stepford wife, but he falls for Anna, who initiates him into love and sex. Erik is somber, caring for his home-bound mentally-ill mother while his strict father rules his life. He desires Kirsten, but she's unattainable. Pregnancy, a horrific abortion, an engagement party, and a revelation about the rectitude of Erik's father lead to a climax: Bjorn and Erik must stand up to controlling adults. - IMDb

Hit, remény és szerelem Hungary
Ištikimybė, viltis ir meilė Lithuania
Tro, håb og kærlighed Denmark
Tro, håp og kjærlighet Norway
Tro, hopp och kärlek Sweden
Twist & Shout France
Twist and Shout Canada
Twist and Shout  
Twist and Shout  
Twist and Shout France
Twist and Shout Brazil
Twist and Shout United Kingdom
Twist and Shout USA
Twist and Shout - Rock'n'Roll und erste Liebe West Germany
Usko, toivo ja rakkaus Finland
Wiara, nadzieja, miłość Poland
Верность, надежда и любовь Soviet Union
ツイスト&シャウト Japan

Children's Cast:

Adam Tønsberg [17] Bjørn
Ulrikke Bondo [17] Kirsten