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Sun on the Stubble (mini)


Aka: The Valley Between (Australia: alternative title)
Director: Robert Marchand
Year: 1996
Country: Australia
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Bruno Gunther is a feisty, 14-year-old immigrant, growing up in a small farming community in South Australia during the 1930s. While his stern German father preaches hard work, Bruno is constantly tempted by the chance to do mischief. Whether it is startling a prim teacher as he flees from a runaway bull clad only in his underwear or organizing a "race" between two feuding neighbours, Bruno's world is an idyllic one. His high spirits will sustain him as his close-knit family experiences some dark times -- and the memories of this gentle world will remain with him forever. Parents and children alike will love this unforgettable tale that captures a special time when a boy hovers on the verge of manhood.

Children's Cast:

Jamie Croft [15] Bruno Gunther (TV Episode: Adventures in Paradise) (1996)
Jeremy Schwerdt Benny

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