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Velo de novia (TV series)

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2003 June, 30
60 minutes
Romance / Drama
Production Company:

First part: Andrea is a beautiful young woman, with a lot of desire to live, but nevertheless she has a heart disease. She works as a fashion designer, and she designs a wedding dress for Raquela who is going to marry Jose Manuel. But this dress is not going to be used by Raquela. Jose Manuel finally realizes that whom he really loves is Angeles, Raquela's sister. Angeles loves him too, but she knows that's an impossible love. Then Angeles dies in an accident and at the same time Andrea has a heart attack. In the hospital, to save Andrea, they transplant her Angeles' heart. After the death of Angeles, Jose Manuel becomes bitter and disappointed ...until he meets Andrea. He doesn't realize that she has the heart of Angeles. The couple has to fight a lot of obstacles to become happy, especially Raquela, who doesn't like the fact that the phantasm of her sister returned back to rob the love of Jose Manuel one more time. But the first part of "Velo de Novia" doesn't have a happy ending: Jose Manuel was shot on the day of his wedding with Andrea. Second part: After Jose Manuel's death Andrea decides to move to the city with her Mom, her best friend Vida and her God sister Lidia. There she begins to study medicine as she works as a nurse. Raquela, her long time enemy, also moves to the city with her aunt. There Raquela meets Jorge Robleto, Jose Manuel's double. They soon become a couple. One day, after coming out from work Jorge almost runs into Andrea. To Andrea's surprise Jorge is the double of Jose Manuel. When Raquela finds out that Andrea is attracted to Jorge, she and her cousin Arturo will do anything to destroy that feeling. But Andrea will get through it all with her best friend Vida and the ghost of Jose Manuel by her side. - IMDb

De Corazón a corazón (working title) Mexico
Nevestin veo Serbia

Children's Cast:

Imanol [16] Alexis Robleto (TV Episode: Velo de novia) (2003)

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