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Police Woman (TV series 1974-1978)

Police Woman (USA)

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1974 September, 13
60 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama


This was the first TV cop show to feature a female lead - Sergeant "Pepper" Anderson, an undercover cop for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. - IMDb

I astynomikina (transliterated title) Greece
Kadın polis Turkey
Make-Up und Pistolen West Germany
Make-Up und Pistolen West Germany
Mujer Policía Argentina
La mujer policia Mexico
La mujer policía Spain
Pepper Anderson agente speciale Italy
Pepper la mujer policía Venezuela
Police Woman Sweden
Police Woman Singapore
Police Woman USA
Police Woman South Africa
Police Woman Australia
Police Woman Canada
Police Woman Canada
Police Woman Ecuador
Police Woman United Kingdom
Police Woman India
Police Woman Netherlands
Police Woman Philippines
Sergent Anderson France
Sierżant Anderson Poland
Женщина-полицейский Soviet Union
女刑事ペパー Japan
여형사 페페 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Kim Richards [12] Kerry McGuire (TV Episode: Father to the Man) (1976)
Brad Savage [10] Boy (TV Episode: Nothing Left to Lose) (1975)
Ike Eisenmann [15] Jeff Forrester (TV Episode: Deadline: Death) (1977)
Michelle Stacy [6] Girl / Debbie Smith (TV Episode: The Stalking of Joey Marr) (1974)
Kirsten Baker [16] (TV Episode: Murder with Pretty People) (1978)
Rick Segall [7] Donny (TV Episode: The Pawn Shop) (1976)
Al Eisenmann [12] Sean Murphy (TV Episode: Solitaire) (1977)
Stephen Manley [9] Dick Smith (TV Episode: The Stalking of Joey Marr) (1974)
Quinn Cummings [10] Little girl (TV Episode: Do You Still Beat Your Wife?) (1977)
Kyle Richards [5] Julie Faulkner (TV Episode: The Cradle Robbers) (1974)
Tiger Williams The Boy (TV Episode: Flip of a Coin) (1978)
January L'Angelle [13] Young Girl (TV Episode: Screams) (1977)
Rusty Gilligan [12] Street Kid (TV Episode: Solitaire) (1977)