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Juliana and the Medicine Fish

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2007 May, 1
30 minutes
Short / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Production Company:

After the tragic death of her mother, Twelve year-old Juliana returns to the majestic Lake of The Woods, where her father owns a tourist lodge and it's about to go bankrupt. In a last-ditch attempt to save the lodge, dad organizes a high-stakes fishing derby. Powerless to help until she finds a legendary musky lurking in the waters around the lodge, Juliana devises a plan to capture it and save the business. But when Juliana seeks the help of an old Ojibway guide, she learns this is an ancient 'medicine fish' with a spirit-essence crucial to the survival of the lake, and all other muskies. Will she capture the mythic beast and save the lodge, or will she allow it to live? - IMDb

Juliana and the Medicine Fish Canada

Children's Cast:

Jessica Amlee [12] Juliana Saunders