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CBS Summer Playhouse (TV series 1987-1989)

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1987 June, 12
60 minutes
Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi
Production Company:

Anthology television series that aired unsold television pilots during the summer. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ami Foster [13] Patty Palevski (TV Episode: Real Life) (1988)
Bridgette Andersen [12] Jamie (TV Episode: Doctors Wilde) (1987)
David Arnott [13] Kevin Nesbite (TV Episode: B-Men) (1989)
Gennie James [12] Sara Marston (TV Episode: My Africa) (1988)
Kurt Christopher Kinder [13] Kyle Perry (TV Episode: Fort Figueroa) (1988)
Justin Whalin [14] Johnny, Soccer Player (TV Episode: Silent Whisper) (1988)
Brandon Bluhm [8] Brian (TV Episode: King of the Building) (1987)
Humberto Ortiz [8] Miguel (TV Episode: Kung Fu: The Next Generation) (1987)
Jenny Beck [13] Diane (TV Episode: Day to Day) (1987)
Aeryk Egan Max (TV Episode: Whattley by the Bay) (1988)
Jessica Puscas [9] Carrie (TV Episode: Day to Day) (1987)
Jamie McEnnan [10] Davey Marston (TV Episode: My Africa) (1988)

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