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Shorty McShorts' Shorts (TV series)

Director: Stephen Holman, Josephine Huang, Brandon Johnson ... more
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Runtime: 5 minutes
Genre: Animation / Comedy

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Shorty McShorts is a young lad who isn't yet sure of how to tell his friends and family about his powers which grant him the ability to change the consistency of his stool. Shorty McShorts is "an epic freaKin legend, dude!" - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Emily Osment [15] Finberly / Tall Skunk Girl / Kelly (TV Episode: She Zow) (2007)
Mitchel Musso [16] Kevin (TV Episode: Mascot Prep) (2007)
Ariel Winter [9] Taffy (TV Episode: Flip-Flopped) (2007)
Kyle Massey [16] Milo (TV Episode: Fish Tale) (2007)
Cameron Monaghan [14] Andy (TV Episode: Flip-Flopped) (2007)
Tyler Posey [16] Jose (TV Episode: She Zow) (2007)
Alexandra Gold Jourden (TV Episode: Bozzlebag's Zip) (2006)

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