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Ace Lightning (TV series)

Ace Lightning (Australia)

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2002 September, 4
United Kingdom
30 minutes
Animation / Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy


Combining live-action and CGI animation, this groundbreaking action/comedy follows the adventures of thirteen-year-old Mark Hollander (Played by British actor Tom Wansey). Newly arrived in North America from England, Mark is playing his favorite video game "Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom" when he discovers a level that shouldn't exist. While exploring the level, lightning strikes his house and electricity courses through his computer, bringing the game's characters to life. Believing the real world is another level of the video game, Ace Lightning (Played by Michael Riley) enlists Mark to help him defeat Lord Fear and find the missing pieces of the magical Amulet of Zoar. All the while, Mark tries to juggle living a normal life of school, family and friends. Mark's first North American friend is the school doormat and Ace Lightning expert Chuck Mugel(Played by Marc Minardi). Mark's love interest is Samantha Thompson(Played by Shadia Simmons). - IMDb

Ace Lightning Australia
Ace Lightning Canada
Ace Lightning France
Ace Lightning United Kingdom
Ace Lightning Poland
Người Máy Tia Chớp Vietnam
Villám, a szuperhős Hungary
Ейс Светкавицата Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Shadia Simmons [16] Samantha Thompson (TV Episode: Choices) (2002)