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My So-Called Life (TV series 1994-1995)

Someone Like Me (USA: working title)

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1994 August, 25
60 minutes


A 15-year-old girl and her trials and tribulations of being a teenager and dealing with friends, guys, parents and school. - IMDb

Angela, 15 ans France
Es mi vida Spain
I to mi je neki život Croatia
Mitt så kallade liv Sweden
Moj takozvani život Serbia
Moje tak zwane zycie Poland
El Mundo de Ángela Chile
Niin sanottu elämäni Finland
Que Vida Esta Portugal
Si això és vida... (Catalan title) Spain
Someone Like Me (working title) USA
Willkommen im Leben Germany
Моя так называемая жизнь Russia
Тъй нареченият мой живот (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Sumer Stamper [12] Young Sharon (TV Episode: Strangers in the House) (1994)
Devon Gummersall [16] Brian Krakow (TV Episode: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities) (1994)
Sarah Martineck Young Angela (TV Episode: Strangers in the House) (1994)
Claire Danes [15] Angela Chase
Lisa Wilhoit [13] Danielle Chase
Mercedes McNab [14] Connie (TV Episode: Halloween) (1994)

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