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NBC Special Treat (TV series 1975-1986)

NBC Special Treat (USA)

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1975 October, 21

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NBC Special Treat USA

Children's Cast:

Elizabeth Cheshire [9] Hetty (TV Episode: The Phantom Rebel) (1976)
Cynthia Nixon [13] Melissa (TV Episode: The Rocking Chair Rebellion) (1979)
Dawn Lyn [14] Cornelia (TV Episode: Five Finger Discount) (1977)
Scott Baio [16] Julius (TV Episode: Luke Was There) (1976)
Chris Barnes [11] Luke Baldwin (TV Episode: Big Henry and the Polka Dot Kid) (1976)
David Stambaugh [16] Billy Hansen (TV Episode: A Little Bit Different) (1977)
Moosie Drier [16] Bobby Miller (TV Episode: The House at 12 Rose Street) (1980)
Anthony Michael Hall [13] Michael (TV Episode: Jennifer's Journey) (1981)
Alexa Kenin [15] (TV Episode: A Piece of Cake) (1977)
Lance Kerwin [16] David (TV Episode: The Phantom Rebel) (1976)
Matthew Labyorteaux [10] Billy (TV Episode: Papa and Me) (1976)
Martin Lev [16] David Bowen (TV Episode: Into Infinity) (1975)
David Hollander [11] Nicky (TV Episode: The House at 12 Rose Street) (1980)
Chris Petersen [17] (TV Episode: The House at 12 Rose Street) (1980)
R.D. Robb [13] Martin Frommer (TV Episode: Out of Time) (1985)
Katharine Levy [14] Jane Masters (TV Episode: Into Infinity) (1975)
Dana Laurita [13] Angela (TV Episode: Five Finger Discount) (1977)
Marta Kober [15] Stacy (TV Episode: Rodeo Red and the Runaway) (1978)