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Das Geheimnis des Sagala (TV series)

Aka: The Secret of Sagal (USA)
Director: Jerzy Lukaszewicz
Year: 1997
Country: Poland
Runtime: 25 minutes
Genre: Family / Fantasy

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10 year old Kuba lives in Warsaw and collects stones. He obtains a fragment of a magic stone, the Sagala, and searches for the other parts. That leads to an adventurous trip through space and time, into the past to various cultures of the world. Difficult tasks have to be solved to finally obtain the complete stone. The series has 14 episodes. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Grzegorz Ruda Kuba Zarwilski (TV Episode: Alle Teile der Macht) (1997)
Bartosz Obuchowicz [15] Hort (TV Episode: Schule der Magier) (1997)
Jakub Tolak [15] Geirrod (TV Episode: Bucht der Nebel) (1997)
Aleksandra Dymitruk [12] Zosia
Maria Niklinska [14] Es Toch (TV Episode: Dritter Teil der Macht) (1997)
Marcin Nowacki Jacek Zarwilski (TV Episode: Alle Teile der Macht) (1997)
Adam Ozga Agnarr (TV Episode: Agnarr und Geirrod) (1997)
Ola Tokarska Susanna 'Suzia' / 'Suzia' (TV Episode: Alle Teile der Macht) (1997)

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