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Shirley Temple's Storybook (TV series 1958-1961)


Also known as: The Shirley Temple Show (USA: second season title)
Shirley Temple Storybook Collection (USA: DVD box title)
Director: Mitchell Leisen, Robert B. Sinclair, Harry Horner ... more
Release: 12 Jan 1958
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Family / Fantasy / Romance

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Children's Cast:

Eugene Mazzola [13] Ping (TV Episode: The Peg-leg Pirate of Sulu) (1961)
Angela Cartwright [8] Jane (TV Episode: Babes in Toyland) (1960)
Ruthie Robinson [10] Becky Thatcher (TV Episode: Tom and Huck) (1960)
Ted Eccles [5] Christopher Robin (TV Episode: Winnie-the-Pooh) (1960)
Charles Herbert [12] Jeremy Potter (TV Episode: The Reluctant Dragon) (1960)
Karen Sue Trent [10] (TV Episode: Rip Van Winkle) (1958)
Richard Keith [11] Little Bears (TV Episode: Onawandah) (1961)
David Ladd [13] Tom Sawyer (TV Episode: Tom and Huck) (1960)
Jennie Lynn [8] Eleanor Lytle (TV Episode: The Indian Captive) (1960)
Rex Thompson [16] Prince Dolor (TV Episode: The Little Lame Prince) (1958)
Richard Eyer [16] Bob Bennett (TV Episode: Two for the Road) (1961)
Tiger Fafara [13] (TV Episode: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) (1958)
Joey D. Vieira [17] Chuck Clark (TV Episode: Two for the Road) (1961)
Peter Lazer [14] Edward / Tom Canty (TV Episode: The Prince and the Pauper) (1960)
The Robert Mitchell Boy Choir (TV Episode: Dick Whittington and His Cat) (1958)
Kim Charney [13] (TV Episode: Hiawatha) (1958)
Michel Petit Alan / Pepito (TV Episode: Babes in Toyland) (1960)
Dennis Holmes [10] (TV Episode: The Land of Oz) (1960)
Billy E. Hughes [13] Daniel Winters (TV Episode: Onawandah) (1961)
Gregory Irvin [9] Tommy (TV Episode: Pippi Longstocking) (1961)
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