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Telephone Time (TV series 1956-1958)

Telephone Time (USA)

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1956 April, 8
30 minutes
Production Company:


Between 1956 and September 1957, this filmed show featured plays by John Nesbitt, the host of the show. Starting in September 1957, plays by other authors were presented. - IMDb

Telephone Time West Germany
Telephone Time USA
Telephone Time Singapore

Children's Cast:

Johnny Crawford [10] Chuckie LaPlante (TV Episode: Fortunatus) (1956)
Billy Chapin [13] Charles Faulk, Jr. (TV Episode: Vicksburg, 5:35 PM) (1956)
Ken Osmond [14] Charlie Sharp (TV Episode: Under Seventeen) (1957)
Rudy Lee (TV Episode: The Checkered Flag) (1957)
Cheryl Callaway [10] (TV Episode: Emperor Norton's Bridge) (1956)
Michael Winkelman [11] Johnny Harrington (TV Episode: The Intruder) (1957)
Tiger Fafara [12] Jimmy Branting (TV Episode: Stranded) (1957)
Bart Braverman [11] Young Pit-a-Pit (TV Episode: Pit-a-Pit and the Dragon) (1957)
Ray Ferrell [8] Joey (TV Episode: The Frying Pan) (1957)
Philip Phillips Harold (TV Episode: Stranded) (1957)
Warren Hsieh [5] Cha's Grandson (TV Episode: The Sergeant Boyd Story) (1956)
Peter J. Votrian [15] Frankie Mack (TV Episode: Plot to Save a Boy) (1957)
Kim Charney [12] (TV Episode: Castle Dangerous) (1957)
Ronald Anton [10] Philip (TV Episode: The Golden Junkman) (1956)
Danny Richards Jr. [14] (TV Episode: Keeley's Wonderful Machine) (1956)
Ricardo Vera Chico (TV Episode: Chico and the Archbishop) (1956)
Jimmy Baird [11] Alex (TV Episode: The Golden Junkman) (1956)
Ahna Capri [13] Delores (TV Episode: Stranded) (1957)
Robert 'Rusty' Stevens [9] Fat Boy (TV Episode: The Frying Pan) (1957)
Paul Engle [8] (TV Episode: The Joyful Lunatic) (1956)
Pamela Baird [12] Betty Lou (TV Episode: Stranded) (1957)
David Halper [10] Nickey (TV Episode: Alice's Wedding Gown) (1957)
Beverly Washburn [13] Laura Bridgman / Susan (TV Episode: Man with a Beard) (1956)
Donald MacDonald Timothy (TV Episode: Man with a Beard) (1956)
Kathy Garver [12] Carol Wallace (TV Episode: Parents of a Stranger) (1957)
David Kasday [14] (TV Episode: The Churchill Club) (1956)
Gary Stewart Zoltan / Jimmy Devlin (TV Episode: Plot to Save a Boy) (1957)