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Here's Boomer (TV series 1980-1982)

Here's Johnny (USA: working title)

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1980 March, 14
30 minutes
Adventure / Drama

Boomer was a cute stray dog of mixed breeding who wandered around the country getting involved with people and their problems, including a deaf girl believed to be mentally disabled by her parents, a son neglected by his workaholic father, a private detective guarding valuable jewels, and a band of dognappers. Later in the series, Boomer was able to talk to the viewing audience, so we could know what Boomer was "feeling" at any given moment. - IMDb

Aquí está Boomer Spain
Boomer Peru
Boomer cane intelligente Italy
Boomer, a csodakutya Hungary
Boomer, der Streuner West Germany
Boomer, der Streuner Germany
Here's Johnny (working title) USA
がんばれ!ブーマー (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Todd Bridges [15] Turk / Benny (TV Episode: The Jockey) (1980)
Tracey Gold [11] Laurie (TV Episode: Overboard) (1980)
Moosie Drier [16] Brian (TV Episode: Overboard) (1980)
Tammy Lauren [12] Jenny Arnold (TV Episode: Boomer and Miss 21st Century) (1980)
Matthew Labyorteaux [14] Jesse (TV Episode: Jailbreak) (1980)
Pat Petersen [15] Joey (TV Episode: Boomer's Eastside Story) (1981)
Natasha Ryan [10] Molly (TV Episode: Molly) (1980)

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