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Citizen Baines (TV series)

Citizen Baines (USA)
The Second Act (USA)

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2001 September, 29
60 minutes

Elliot Baines has lost his senatorial seat for the state of Washington after numerous terms. He now must get used to being a normal civilian again. One of the things Elliot works on is he relationship with his three daughters. There is Ellen, a power driven lawyer who could be next in line for a senate seat; Reeva, who is tired of being a house wife and wants more than what her possibly cheating husband can give her; and Dori, who is the irresponsible of the three. She goes through guys like flavors of the month and struggles in the job world because of her famous family name. - IMDb

Citizen Baines South Korea
Citizen Baines West Germany
Citizen Baines USA
The Second Act USA

Children's Cast:

Scotty Leavenworth [11] Otis (TV Episode: A Day Like No Other) (2001)
Krystal Benn [12] Shannon Mcguire (TV Episode: Out in the Rain) (2001)