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Ulysse 31 (TV series)

Ulysse 31 (Australia)
Ulysses 31 (United Kingdom)

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1981 September, 12
25 minutes
Animation / Action / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi


Cartoon series. It is the 31st Century and Ulysses is a famous explorer and pilot in space but he desires to go home to Earth to his wife. He takes his son Telemachus and Telemachus's new robot gift Nono with him and takes the space-ship Odyssey with computer Shyrka and his crew. En route to Earth Telemachus is kidnapped and is taken to the Cyclops, a huge robot with one eye and is worshiped by a cult. Ulysses destroys the Cyclops and as well as rescuing Telemachus takes Numenor and Yumi, two children from the planet Zotra with them. However this enrages the ancient gods of Olympus, still existing after all this time, and in revenge, puts the crew and Numenor into a deep sleep, wipe the location of Earth from Shyrka's memory, and put the Odyssey in the universe of Olympus. The only way out is for Ulysses to find the "Kingdom Of Hades", but Ulysses, Telemachus, Yumi, Nono and Shyrka have to defend against the Trident - the forces of the gods and the dubious community of the Universe in a desperate search for finding a cure for the crew and to find the Kingdom Of Hades and find a way home to Earth. A version of the infamous Greek trials of Ulysses set in space... - IMDb

Odisej 31. veka Serbia
Odysseia tou diastimatos 31 (transliterated title) Greece
Odysseus 31 West Germany
Space Legend Ulysses 31 (literal English title) Japan
Uchû densetsu Ulysses 31 Japan
Uchû Densetsu Yurishizu Satiwan (transliterated title) Japan
Ulises 31 Spain
Ulisse 31 Italy
Ulisses 31 Poland
Ulisses 31 Portugal
Ulysse 31 Australia
Ulysse 31 France
Ulysse 31 Italy
Ulysses 31 United Kingdom
Ulysses 31  
Οδύσσεια του διαστήματος 31 Greece
Улисс 31 Soviet Union
宇宙伝説ユリシーズ31 Japan

Children's Cast:

Fabrice Josso Télémaque / Télémaque (1st) (TV Episode: Kingdom of Hades) (1981)